Mottled glaze wall finishes, the red is consistent while the umber has a subtle vertical pattern.

The walls were glazed with a metallic silver, the mantel wall was glazed with a checkered pattern. A border stencil was painted in a charcoal color.

This stripped wall finish has a strie in the stripes. This design requires lots of measuring, patience and concentration.

This wall has a metallic strie and the same glaze on the ceiling only as a subtle rag finish. The hand cut stencils randomly placed add an Asian feel to the powder room.

This wall has a vertical strie, then the next day receives a horizontal strie, creating a woven pattern.

This is a strie glaze wall finish.

This is a strie glaze wall finish. Using a coarse wide brush that is dragged vertically down the wall.

This wall finish is multi-layered, mostly using cotton rags and glazes.

The flat sheen walls received a pearlescent cotton rag finish, creating a subtle glow whenever the light changes.

The walls received a vertical strie finish and the ceiling received a warm umber glaze over gold metallic.

This is a milt-layered wall finish that required careful measuring to create the diamonds in gold metallic paint.

Carefully measured stripes are masked out, then gold metallic paint is applied.

This wall finish has a plaster coat skimmed on, then glazed, then hand stenciled. 

This wall finish has a plaster coat skimmed on, then glazed over to create a rich real texture finish.

This multi-layered finish used a flat sheen and semi gloss sheen paints, then a hand done stencil in metallic gold. The Blair House kitchen.

Wall finishes are decorative paint treatments and glazing techniques that give a wall visual depth,  visual texture and could include hand made 

patterns like stencils. The visual look of a well done finish is a balance of consistency and subtle nuances that it is hand done.