The backsplash wall was a wonderful stage for a rolling Italian vineyard mural.

The tromp l'oeil ceiling panels reveal dragons in the corners to enhance story telling to the grand children.

A subtle cloud portal enhances the setting for this mantel ship.

This beach mural was created to accent a kitchen wall, this visually opens the space, Margarita anyone?

This Turkish bath mural perfectly reflected the corner of the room above the bath. The skylight above gently shines on the scene.

This mural was painted on all the walls and ceiling, giving the room a visual feel of being outside.The detail of this fountain can be seen in the lower left image.The estate is scene inn the background.

The window and the bike are painted in a residential hallway !

The clouds on the ceiling bring a visual heaven to a room.

I added the supports for the chandelier in a bronze finish and glazed over the cherubs to give a fresco look to the tromp l'oeil mural.

A Maryland hunt scene in a private office.

The lobby of the Potomac Vet Hospital creates a park like setting for pets to visit, many have growled at the painted images.

In addition to this metallic hand painted decoration framing the chandelier, the ceiling was faux finished with pearl paint and a stencil border was added with a subtle shadowing to give it a trome l'oeil edge.

Trompe l'oeil at its best. The wall is painted faux marble, the niche, mantel and objects on the mantel are not real.

Some murals are created in trompe l'oeil ( to fool the eye) style. Many murals are created because there is a wall that needs something special or perhaps the interior needs to be enhanced to visually blend with the rest of the room. What ever the reason, murals can bring excitement to a wall.