All the walls and moulding in this room received a soft maple wood grain finish, the panels were burled.

The stone relief wall was glazed to give visual texture, work in progress.

The crown moulding received a marble finish to simulate the existing real marble wall.

The ceiling beams received an oak grain finish to simulate the cabinets below.

An aged patina wood grain finish give a look of old world to the moldings in the dining room.

The wainscoting was a flat wall, no  real moulding was added, only the top chair and base are real. The panels are created in trompe l'oeil with shadowing. The small side table was my guide for the wood tone. The center image shows the creation in progress,

The door, window frame and wainscoting were wood grained in a walnut with burled panels.

This front door was entirely wood grained( faux bois), then sealed with a marine Spar varnish to protect it.

The image on the right is in progress, the first grain. A second "over tone" will soften the look for a finished door.

A subtle strie finish gives a warm soft texture to a cabinet. One section remains undone in this image to give a visual look of the process.

All of the wooden columns were faux finished to appear as a subtle beige marble.

The back board is curved and made of wood, so I painted it to simulate and blend in with the real marble top.

The base for this real bronze statue is plaster,

I painted it to simulate the statue.

This built-in entertainment center was painted with metallic gold, then received a blended faux brown glaze to give it a rich warm finish. Because it is a glaze the transparency of the gold shines through.

This wooden mantel was painted to simulate the existing real marble counter in the kitchen.

This wooden mantel was painted to appear as two different marbles, one simulating the real slab on the floor. The decorative details were enhanced with gold leaf.

The real marble table top was used as a guide to create the base and cap of the column, the shaft of the column was painted to appear as a soft grey with darker grey veins. The small rings were gold leafed.

Faux finishes are painted impressions that replicate the appearance of materials such as wood, marble, metallic patina or stone. The word faux is French for fake. Depending on the item, the surface can appear as real. Transparent glazes are used to give a layer effect of depth.